Zactigis SkinCTRL – Nutraceutical/Food supplement

The « must have » product of Zactigis SkinLine

Zactigis® SkinCTRL is a food supplement supporting the various mechanisms to improve of the balance of the skin and to control pimples.

Zactigis® SkinCTRL is a soft and safe approach acting « from inside » to help to restore the skin condition.

Zactigis® SkinCTRL can help to…

  • Reduce impurities, red patches and pimples

  • Control Propionibacterium acnes, reducing skin inflammation

  • Opening the skin’s pores from black dots

  • Regulate the sebum production

  • Optimize the wound-healing

  • Reduce oxidative stress

Zactigis® SkinCTRL contains only nutriments which are essential to the cutaneous regulation.

They contribute actively to handle the acne problems acting simultaneously at several levels:

  • Lactoferrin, main ingredient, helps to rebalance the cutaneous flora by decreasing the production of sebum and controlling P. Acnes. The lactoferrin is as well an antioxidant and contributes to reduce red patches. Lactoferrin helps to bring back a healthy skin.

  • Zinc, activates the cellular division and renews the top layers of the skin. It so contributes to the skin wound healing.

  • Vitamin C, participates to the production of the collagen and contributes to enhance the skin’s microcirculation.

  • Vitamin B6 is important for the hormonal regulation.

  • Copper contributes to protect cells against the oxidative stress.

  • Niacine contributes to the preservation of a normal skin.

The main ingredients of Zactigis ® SkinCTRL were the object of several clinical researches including in acceptance tests as formulated in the product.

Zactigis® SkinCTRL in not only indicated for young people, but as well for the adults who suffer from acne (hormonal or stress induced) or from cutaneous imbalance (hygienic, nutritional… induced).

Zactigis® SkinCTRL is then the ideal nutraceutical in case of light to moderated acne or cutaneous imperfections.