Zactigis® SkinFoam

Daily hygiene/Hydrating body soap

Zactigis® SkinFoam is a Swissmade cleansing soap which cleans the skin by respecting specially sensitive and impurity-prone skins.

Zactigis® SkinFoam

  • Is very soft; ideal for the all body

  • Protects and hydrates the cutaneous layer whithout disturbing the seborrheic layer

  • Help to eliminate the impurities of the skin

  • Issued from noble natural bio oil (coconut oil, shea butter and of cocoa) and with white clay

  • Contains neither EDTA tetrasodium, palm oil or lauryl sulfate

  • With a foaming net to produce a compact foam with ease and without using excessive amounts of soap

The components of Zactigis® SkinFoam were chosen to optimize the hygiene of the sensitive skins even during the acne.

It has a strong moisturizing effect (superfatted) for a brighter skin.