Zactigis SkinLine Acne Challenge

It is time to bring adapted and efficient solutions to care acne-prone skins

Zactigis SkinLine Approach

Zactigis SkinLine

The ideal soft solution to acne-prone skin (light to moderate)

Zactigis SkinLine combines:

  • Efficacy against impurities and its causes

  • Respect of the seborrheic layer to avoid sebum excessive production

  • Cleansing effect with artisanal soaps

  • Natural or/and bio based ingredients

Zactigis® SkinCTRL

Contains lactoferrin, vitamins and trace elements to restore healthy skin flora in cases of light to moderate acne in a gentle but effective way. It was specially formulated:

  • To reduce the sebum production

  • To improve the skin’s condition removing impurities and opening the skin’s pores

  • To inhibit proliferation of the Propionibacterium in the skin which causes the acne pustules and to reduce inflammation

  • To achieve a state of healthy skin flora

  • To help the wound-healing

  • To have a direct antioxidant effect

  • To bring the most effective help without side effects

  • To be used with Retina A if necessary, avoiding the use of antibiotics

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Coming soon as topic active form…

Zactigis SkinGel containing a patented lactoferrin complex to improve the efficacy of the Zactigis Skinline for topical application bringing a complete solution to every situation and every patient type.

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As hygiene is as well a key element in case of acne, Zactigis SkinLine
brings the ideal and easy cleansing products…

Zactigis Lactoferrine

For the face and affected areas
Zactigis SkinSoap, with lactoferrin

Handmade hypoallergenic soap containing lactoferrin and bio essential oils for sensitive skins by acne or pimples.

With lactoferrin, Zactigis SkinSoap is not only a cleansing product but helps as well to control external contamination from P. Acnes and sebum production.

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For the all body 
Zactigis SkinFoam

A cleansing soap for sensitive and impurity-prone skins made by hand in Switzerland
Made of noble oils, Zactigis SkinFoam is the ideal skin’s cleansing product for a daily skincare under the shower. Fresh feeling for a nice day.

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Why choose Zactigis SkinLine?

  • Existing tested line (tested on the Swiss market)…

  • … based on unique ingredients

  • Gentle, natural, bio but effective products

  • Supported by clinical studies (lactoferrin)

  • Marketing support (training, material template…)

  • Ready to market, easy to register

  • Large market in need of new approaches

  • Suitable for prescription, OTC and online

  • Higher price products, higher margin products

Zactigis SkinLine ideal skin care approach

Business model

  • Exclusive agreement

  • Local partner taking care of distribution, marketing and sales

  • Marketing tools templates available

  • Train the trainer program

  • Long marketing experience in field from the principal


We are looking for distributors all over the world…