Zactigis® SkinSoap 

Daily sebum controlling hygiene/Face & scalp soap

Zactigis® SkinSoap is a handmade hypoallergenic soap containing lactoferrin and bio essential oils for sensitive and impurity-prone skins. Ideal for the face and the scalp.

Zactigis® SkinSoap

  • Contains lactoferrin for an intense purifying effect

  • For sensitive skins with acne or pimples

  • Hydrating and seborrheic safe thus avoiding excessive sebum production

  • Helps to eliminate impurities on the skin and opens the pores

  • Very soft, hypoallergenic, ideal for the face, the scalp and affected areas

  • Cold saponification by hand of natural/bio ingredients

  • Contains neither EDTA tetrasodium nor lauryl sulphate

  • With a foaming net to produce a compact foam with ease and without using excessive amounts of soap

Zactigis® SkinSoap is an hypoallergenic cold soap. It suits to all type of skins, even the most sensitive or irritated one. It feeds and protects the skin.

Thanks to the lactoferrin, it opens the pores by its positive influence on the production of the sebum and by its cleaning effect.